Thursday, November 15, 2012

Organization Wins!

It feels good to finally be able to say...I beat the scraps! Their messiness (as pictured here) has been haunting me for awhile now (all Summer and Fall) and it was driving me a wee bit crazy. 

Now I am happy to report, that I stuck with my organization deadline of the middle of the month and here are a few pictures to prove it!

For the scraps under 1/4 yard I used one drawer per colour, with one for vintage scraps and one for fabric collection scraps (in this drawer I bagged each collection for future use).

A peek inside...

And I used a basket for snippets... these are those tiny little pieces that I cannot seem to part with (I seriously like them even better than the scraps!). I see a Ticker Tape quilt in my future!

Happiness in my world = organization and organization = inspiration. So,  I am feeling pretty good right about now!

What good things have been making you feel happy lately? How do you organize your scraps???

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  1. Congratulations everything looks so tidy. I don't have a lot of scraps yet, but right now I keep my little snipets in a large glass canister. Like you they are my favorite.

  2. What a lovely lot of scraps!!! It feels great to be organised doesn't it? Now for some time to use all your little bits of delight. :)

  3. Thanks so much for linking this up to my page Lisa, I'm glad I'm not the only one hoarding ticker tape sized scraps! :-)

  4. A ticker tape quilt is in my scrappy future as well! Great organization here!