Saturday, May 31, 2014

Big Girl Quilt

Hello friends! How have you been?!!! I have a quilt to share - this one was made especially for my niece, who turned 3 in April. I thought it was time to replace her baby quilt with a BIG girl quilt.

I fell in love with the fabric line 'Hello Petal' by Aneela Hooey for Moda and knew it would be a perfect fit for the 'Pow Wow' pattern. I then added in a few navy blues to make the background of the blocks scrappy and voila...

This is only the second time I have made a quilt with those pointy triangle tips (the first time was a bomb...) and I must confess those points are tricky for me!

Simple diagonal stitching was all it needed, I thought about going in both directions but it seemed like it would be too busy, especially with the dark navy thread.

A little splash of blue in the binding, just for fun!

And for the back - big blue medallions - soooo pretty! I am completely taken with this for the finish.

Happy weekend all! It is sunny and bright here, hope you have something fun to enjoy this weekend, wherever you may be.