Monday, July 21, 2014

Back Into the Sew-ing of Things...

Hey all...happy summer days to you! I have had some sewing time this past week and it has been GRRRREAT (I just had this visual of Tony the Tiger...80's child anyone?!)!!! I am sewing a quilt for a dear friend who has moved away. I just love her to bits and want to show it, ya know? A quilt is just so good for that.

I decided on a Wonky Star quilt, as I find them to be a very satisfying sew. I haven't made one yet that I wasn't in love with, so the likelihood of being pleased with my finish is high. This was important to me right now because I finished a top in June that I am only so-so on and that is such a BUMMER.

I have had fun pulling and mixing some of my fave fabrics. I really let this quilt speak to me as I have added colours and fabrics and played with the low-vol background. Hopefully tomorrow will find me some more sewing time - I am itching to see this one complete!

Hope you are all having some fabulous summertime fun and enjoying every moment!