Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello Hadley!

Fell in love with Hadley. Badly.

I also have been in love with the Buzz Saw block lately. Thought I would add a little text print (some Chicopee and other friends may have demanded their way in there too...), cut right in and make me a new quilt. Free - style, from the notes I made in my head when I researched this block, like 2 months ago. 

Funny though, I kept thinking to myself while chopping fabric and moving colours around on my wall - 'These Buzz Saws sure look pineapple-ish.Who named this block anyways??!!'.

Jokes on me - if you want to make a Buzz Saw, you really should read the directions again before you begin and not just wing it...or you end up with pineapples.

Good thing I sure do fancy these pineapples.

Forging ahead and adding lime green - cause lime green goes with everything these days.

Happy weekend all!!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

And by 'bites the dust', I mean is finished! Yay me! Doesn't a finish just feel oh-so-good.

We quilters are such a passionate bunch, aren't we?!!! I swear I love every single finished quilt and want to snuggle and hug it for awhile before I give it away (if and when I can part with them haha, I am getting better with this!). I feel like it's because we spend such an amount of TIME with each quilty creation that they really do become a part of you - and that builds the love. Almost like an appreciation of where it was (piles o fabric and a vision) to what it became (a beautiful, useable quilt).

I had such fun quilting this one. I really experimented a lot with my lines - more vs. less space between and also, when the mood struck, veering off into different directions and creating new diagonals. It was very freeing - much different than my usual Type A straight lines 'all the same width apart' kind of deal.

Special message on the back for the recipient of this quilt...
...a reminder each time she snuggles into it that she rocks, ain't it great to have friends like that?!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous week - and some time to sew! Take care all. Linking up with 'Finish it up Friday' at Crazy Mom Quilts.