Sunday, February 23, 2014

Something New

I have been busy in the late night hours pulling all fabrics loud and bright and some fabrics soft and sweet.

I decided on some HST's in the shape of this quilt. And have since been moving them up and down, round and round all over my design board. Such fun I have been having looking for that 'right' placement! Do you have that moment when you know it's just right?!!! I love that aha moment. When all the colours seem in harmony to your eyes. It's interesting how a colour can look so wrong in one placement and so right in another.

Take this block for instance - many times I tried the lighter Chicopee print as an 'inner' circle part of a block - but nooooo, that was all wrong. Finally I tried it as the 'outer' background of this block - and yay, soooo right! Crazy but true!!!

Hello strawberries. Hello mushrooms.

And HELLO my-all-time-favourite-stick-it-in-every-quilt Chicopee print. I fear using you all up. Every time I talk about this print I have to go to Etsy and order more.

Up next - actually sewing some of these together. Have a good week all!


Friday, February 7, 2014


My friend, Martha at 'Weekend Doings' has started a weekly Friday linky party called 'A Picture...A Moment', where we can share a picture that tells about a moment from our week. I thought I would share this picture, as it signifies the final touches of a project very close to my heart that is now underway.

After many months of planning and preparation, I opened my own preschool this week (aptly named Hilltop House Preschool). What fun I have had with the decorating (think quilts and pillows) and adding final touches, such as Mr. Origami Crane above, who along with his flock (in every colour of the rainbow of course) was added to some branches for whimsy and colour.

Weekend Doings

Hope you will join us in sharing your pics...what moments stand out for you this week?

Have a fabulous weekend!