Sunday, April 28, 2013

K Quilt Revisited

Alas, it is time to return to the coveted K Quilt. I shared my creative process here when originally planning this quilt. I packed the K Quilt up into numbered baggies when I needed my design wall to plan and complete my Night of Hope Quilt. The K Quilt is for a friend's B-day at the end of June - so it is not a finish I need to rush. I can just pull out a  little baggie anytime I feel the need and sew up one of these:

3 down, 9 to go. Been having fun with it. I sure am looking forward to seeing it all stitched together. I decided on a small, evenly laid out polka dot for the corners of each block. Gives the quilt a nice overall cohesive look.

Happy sewing all. Hope you each have a wonderful week. I have some new life plans on the horizon and a girls trip coming up next week, so life is pretty exciting around here! Linking up with the 'Let's Get Acquainted' party hosted by Kirsten at Gemini Stitches.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Posy Progress

My weekend sewing involved this...

I went with the scrappy-ish background - it truly makes the stars the centre of the show. I also added some 'Daisy Bouquet' from the Posy line to the backgrounds...the flowers adds just enough girlie to balance out the Architextures. I do after all, want this to be a baby quilt!.

Isn't the 'Bouquet' fabric from Posy the best! It is definitely my favourite. See the wonderful chartreuse colour in those willowy looking flowers? Oh ya, I am so adding that colour into this quilt. That colour rocks. 

First it rained today and I sewed and then it got sunny. My son and I went for a walk in the sun and ran into a neighbour that is interested in Astronomy. He brought out his special 'sun telescope' (so not the technical term) and set it up in his driveway. I looked at the sun through a telescope - ever done that??!! I could actually see the FLAMES. Total highlight of my weekend. Amazing.

Linking up with the 'Let's Get Acquainted' Monday link up - hosted by Kristy at Quiet Play.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Making a Hat

So my niece turned 2 last weekend and I just so happen to me crazy wild in love with the child AND she just so happens to be crazy wild in love with hats. So, what's an Auntie to do??!!! Sew up a hat for the wee girlie of course.

Chose me some fabric.

Purchased a pattern from Butterfly Tree (which was very well written and easy to follow).

And started to sew my very first hat! (It will be reversible, hence the two caps that you see.)

The cap portions of my soon to be reversible newsboy hat.

Next add the brim...

And voila, a hat that is blue on one side...

and pink on the other.

I knew that I wanted to embellish this hat with flowers, so I put a single buttonhole in the   front of the band and purchased some flowers that have clips on the back. The clip is able to slide through and clip on to the buttonhole. That way, the hat can still function as reversible (whereas sewing a flower to one side would not allow this) and flowers can also be changed with outfits or mood.

I may or may not be already sewing another one of these little wonders.

 Happy sewing all!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Little Posy

Oh how I loved Posy (Designed by Aneela Hoey) when I saw it....I think it had to do with the chickens....darn those bunnies are pretty cute too! I ordered two charm packs with no real plan in mind, only to play.

Posy by Aneela Hoey

In the 'K Quilt' that I have been working on recently, I really enjoyed using the Architextures greys - which actually have white backgrounds - and decided that I needed to have the Posy and the Architextures play together! I figured some Wonky Stars would be a nice change and had this tutorial from the Silly BooDilly bookmarked and went for it.

This was my first full star sewn together. I plunked it up on the design wall, fell in love and proceeded to sew a few more points. I plunked the star pieces up on the design wall before they were sewn together as a block and began to think maybe, just maybe I might want a more scrappy background like this...

(which is truly entirely against my usual grain, so I am quite proud that I MIGHT want to do this!). I promptly decided not to sew any more blocks together until all the star points are made and I can play a little on my wall and see which way my eyes prefer. I did have to put an order in to Etsy for some further yardage of the background fabrics - so this may be a few weeks until I can get back to it.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week - we have a little rain around here, but it sure makes for guilt free sewing weather! Linking up with 'Work in Progress Wednesday' over with Lee at Freshly Pieced.


PS. These pics today are taken with my very first ever SLR camera that my hubby gave me for my Bday well over a month ago. I have been too chicken to take it out of the box until now! Finally today was the day and I am happy with the results - MUCH more to learn of course but thrilled to have it and be using it!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Heart Quilt Happiness

Some of you may recall me previously mentioning the Night of Hope, a gala evening held to raise money for Breast Cancer research. This event is held locally in the lower mainland of British Columbia and my mom volunteers her time throughout the year to organize the silent auction portion of the event. We both volunteer on the evening of and help with the running of the silent auction. This year I decided to also donate a quilt for auction. I have been working on this quilt for awhile now and finally finished her (180 HST's later) just in time for the auction last night.

48 x 60 lap quilt
I am pleased to tell you that she was purchased and went home to live with a new family. I am thrilled that the lady who purchased her was thrilled! It felt good to see it go walking off in the arms of someone who was smiling with the delight of their new (I want to say family member here...) quilt.

Please tell me I am not the only one who does this - becomes so familiar with their quilt (after all the cutting, sewing, ironing, stacking, smelling, patting, wrangling, gazing, squishing etc etc) that you feel it is sincerely a part of you, or at least a part of your family. I often find it hard to part with my quilts, even though I made them for the particular person (or in this case reason) they are going to and not because I actually want to keep them, but just because they are SUCH a part of me and I will miss them. Ok, sounds crazy - but is true.

I quilted this one with a design I had originally drafted when I was working on this quilt. I divided it visually into four sections and quilted it as you see in the picture below (this pic depicts only 2 sections/or the top half of the quilt) - only with many, many more lines of quilting, about an inch or so apart. I do so like the look of a densely quilted quilt - so very textured. Let me tell you though - this was some serious quilt wrangling with the all the turns - each quadrant took me 2.5 hours to quilt. Phew!!! But I absolutely love the outcome, so worth it every time.

And of course, added a label. I love these labels - it feels much better to send my quilts out into the world with my name on them. It felt wrong to me, when I sent them out without my name, like someone/somewhere might want to know one day where this came from.

Polka dots for the backing just fit naturally with this quilt. Who doesn't love a good polka dot??!!!

And lastly, my fave heart. Interesting that in this quilt my favourite block is the colour of Breast Cancer awareness - very fitting I think.

I hope you each have a happy weekend. On to another project for me,  I love the moment of finish up one and start up/planning something new. Somehow so satisfying and exciting all rolled up in one. Linking up with 'Finish it up Friday' over at Crazy Mom Quilts and 'Let's get Acquainted' linky party hosted by Nat at Made in Home -  going to go check out what everyone else has been up to!