Friday, June 14, 2013

Black and White and Red all Over

What is black and white and red all over??? (Or should I say 'read' all over). The newspaper! Hahaha - this is the first joke I remember telling and actually 'GETTING' as a child!

Hello pretty 

And on to other news...

Yay me!!! The K Quilt is complete - isn't that just the best feeling??!!! I began this quilt in February. It is for a friend's birthday at the end of this month. I have previously shared my creative process here and a progress report about this quilt here. This quilt makes me happy (I seriously CANNOT stop touching it) because I have learned so much from it.

Favourite block

This quilt has taught me more about myself as a quilter than any other quilt!
Here are some of the things I have learned while making this quilt:

1. That I can push my creative process until I am in love with what I see, I really need to FEEL what I see on my design wall.

2. That the *CLICK* will come - I will eventually create a design that speaks to me. 

These first two points are really important for me - I noticed that as I went through the design process on this quilt and then the next quilt I designed (this is new for me, as I have always followed patterns before) each time there was a period of fret and worry like - 'OMGOODNESS I have ruined all this fabric and don't like what I see' - and when I continue and really challenge myself, I have been able to realize a design that I truly love.

3. That the following quote (that I discovered while trying to sew very precise seams on this quilt) gives me confidence as a quilter - "It does not have to be correct the first time you sew it, only the last time" (Sally Collins). RIGHT??!!! So true! Hello seam ripper! 

And even better - for some reason this quote makes me feel less frustrated (as in 'OMG I made a mistake') when I am changing a seam and more like - I am choosing to improve upon my quilt. Which I see as a good thing!

4. How to fix skipped stitches - thank you so much for the suggestions ladies - your help really did help!

5. That I have finally perfected my 'Perfect for Me' binding. I am super duper happy about this. I have been documenting my binding technique on paper for quite a few quilts now. When I liked how a certain aspect of my binding turned out, I make a note of it and when I didn't like the way something turned out, I made a note of what to try next time. I was really searching for a way to make my binding look pretty to me each and every time - I wanted a PREDICTABLE sequence, so that I can follow the steps and get the same results for every quilt. Very demanding, I know haha!

I say 'perfect for me' binding because I had a very specific set of criteria - I like a skinny binding (2.25 in strips) and I really do like the look of machine sewn binding AND true to my 'organized, everything must be the same' kind of self - I wanted BOTH sides of the binding to be sewn so it looks the same. Phew! I did take pics of my process and have my notes - tutorial to come!!! My first!!!

So not only is this quilt for a special to me friend - it is also a very special to me quilt, for teaching me so much about the art that I love. Kind of fitting I think!!!

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  1. Great quilt. I love the colors and the design. I'm looking forward to your binding notes tutorial.

  2. It is amazing! I love the colours and the quilting, a great job!

  3. Wonderful job on the quilting!

  4. I love the finish. What great design and colors. You don't see too many black based quilt....which makes this so unique :-)

  5. What a lovely quilt! I spy several of my very favorite fabrics. Your dense straight-line quilting is delicious. I love quilts that teach me something about myself as a quilter--and I'm glad to hear that this finish is one of those for you.

  6. Someone else who likes machine binding! Yippee! It was very refreshing to hear how this quilt taught you so much.

  7. Such a great quilt and story! The quilting is great!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous quilt! Loved reading about your process.

  9. Wonderful quilt, no more comment needed as the photo speaks for itself!!!

  10. It is just gorgeous! That fabric collection is my all time favorite and I love the straight line quilting!

  11. It is gorgeous Lisa. Ever quilt is a learning experience. I'm still trying to find the right binding technique for me.
    Your friend is going to love it, perfect colors and the design is fantastic. Great job!

  12. It looks wonderful and the quilting is superb!
    I'd be so interesting in your binding tutorial as I have NEVER been able to successfully machine sew it on and it always bugs me that it's never the same on both sides!

  13. Great quilt and love the quilting. Visiting from LGAMonday!

  14. It turned out "beautiful my dear"! Be proud!

  15. This is so lovely! The straight line quilting totally makes this quilt pop!

  16. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it! The quilting is superb! Great job!!!!

  17. Wow, it looks great! Your fabric and colour combinations are brilliant.