Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Making a Hat

So my niece turned 2 last weekend and I just so happen to me crazy wild in love with the child AND she just so happens to be crazy wild in love with hats. So, what's an Auntie to do??!!! Sew up a hat for the wee girlie of course.

Chose me some fabric.

Purchased a pattern from Butterfly Tree (which was very well written and easy to follow).

And started to sew my very first hat! (It will be reversible, hence the two caps that you see.)

The cap portions of my soon to be reversible newsboy hat.

Next add the brim...

And voila, a hat that is blue on one side...

and pink on the other.

I knew that I wanted to embellish this hat with flowers, so I put a single buttonhole in the   front of the band and purchased some flowers that have clips on the back. The clip is able to slide through and clip on to the buttonhole. That way, the hat can still function as reversible (whereas sewing a flower to one side would not allow this) and flowers can also be changed with outfits or mood.

I may or may not be already sewing another one of these little wonders.

 Happy sewing all!



  1. It is amazing! The finishes are really great. She is going to love it!

  2. this is a great hat pattern. so cute. and a lovely idea to make it reversable. I have neices who would adore having the ability to accesorise at will :-)
    E xx

  3. What a cute hat Lisa. Your niece is going to love it. And what a great idea to make it reversible. I think I want one for myself :)

  4. Wow!
    They are lovely. I want one too!