Sunday, November 4, 2012

Motivation for Organization

 Welcome to my sewing room...

It's like a little piece of heaven to me and I feel soooo super lucky to have it. I love spending my time here.

Here I keep all my treasures, crafty gifts, art and collections. I seem to have a lot of these goodies, but I make an effort to stay relatively organized, as it makes me feel more creative in an organized space.

If don't know where to put something that I want to keep, I pin it here on my huge cork board and then at least it's contained!

Here is a close up...

This board makes me smile!

But there has been one area of my sewing room that I have been spending much time thinking about lately...I share with you this little problem that seems to have snuck up on me...

...and I have been wondering how to get a hold on this??? Not the kind of organization that I generally like!

Enter this lovely book that arrived in my mailbox last week...

With fabulous ideas for...

And I have just the motivation I need to get started on this daunting organizational project of mine...the bonus will be choosing one of the gorgeous scrap buster quilts from the book to make once all my scraps are organized.

My goal is to have my scraps controlled by the middle of the month -  will update my finish. How do you organize your scraps? How does this sneak up on us so???



  1. I absolutely love your sewing space. What a great room. And the cork board - so cool with all the mementos of fun. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your scrap problem!

  2. Wow. I love your sewing space and how organized it is. Do you want to come over to my house? It would certainly keep you busy for awhile! I also need to start to save my scraps like that. I just through them away. Now I feel guilty for doing that!

  3. First - I like your answer for the link up question! Second, your sewing space is wonderful! I like you have those rods to hang your quilts on. And I think I have that same drawer unit for my sewing table.

  4. Lisa I am green with envy at the sight of your most wonderful sewing space. I hope its not that tidy all the time! My sewing space is the dining room table which my husband is super excited about. lol My scraps look messier than yours so when you sort yours let me know how you did it;)

  5. What a wonderful sewing/crafting space - enjoy!