Friday, November 9, 2012

Making Hand Puppets

The 6 year old love of my life has a wonderful school teacher who has been capturing the class's imagination with her promotion of puppets and theatre. My little dude came home one day all aglow with the idea of making hand puppets. 

So we pulled out the bin of felt, grabbed some scissors and came up with these 2 creatures (plus a dog, a ninja, a zombie and a skeleton - did I mention that I have a boy child...)

In his robust enthusiasm for our above finished products, he took a few to school (not the zombie, skeleton or ninja I might add...) and alas the entire class thought these were pretty cool. "Mom, can you make one for everyone???"

With his teacher's permission, we came up with the idea of a puppet station, manned by me, where each child could visit and make their very own creation. My son and I developed our own very technical pattern...

And I sewed and sewed until late last night...creating 22 blank canvases one for each child to develop into their very own character.

Now we are all ready for a puppet day at school next Tuesday. Pretty excited! Love it when my little dude gets all bubbly about a creative project - I can just see the wheels-a-turnin'.

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Happy Weekend all!



  1. what a great idea! The puppets you and your son made together turned out great, and I'm sure the other children will be thrilled with theirs, too! :)

  2. Those puppets are adorable! Good for you for volunteering your services to the class too -- I'm sure the kids will love making those puppets too. So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  3. My friend was just asking about making hand puppets - if I had seen anyone doing them - now I can say yes! They look like so much fun. Only reason I want kids is to play with toys all the time.

  4. All the kids will think he has the coolest mum in the class! The kids will have an awesome time.
    The dragon and alien look so cool. Would love to see some pics of the others too;)

  5. What a fun project. I remember when I was in school one of my teachers introduced us to puppets, but we made our own with brown papper bags. These would had been so cool back then. The kids are going to be so happy.

  6. It's great that you are able to participate in your child's classroom like that.
    We "inherited" an extra large box of felt from church. Sadly, I only kept just a big of it for the kid's craft drawer and sold the rest by the box full. I wish I had thought about puppets, that would have been a great project for the grandkids.

  7. What a terrific idea- my kindergarten kids would love it too- I just need to find time to make the base for them. I am sure your son's teacher loved it.
    Thanks for sharing your excellent idea.
    Regards from Alberta,

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