Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Little Nine Patch

Hello all! Happy New year! Hope you are all off to a wonderful start to 2015. I have a new quilt to share...

This one is off to The Night of Hope to raise money for Breast Cancer research in their silent auction. They have a secondary fundraising event called 'Harness the Hope' held at a local horse race venue, my nine patch will be auctioned there.

I enjoyed the process of digging through my scraps to make these little nine patches - it was like a trip down memory lane.

 Am still enthralled with these strawberries...I wonder how many more quilts I can sneak them into. (Note to self - must buy more!)

Finished it off with a stripy Denyse Schmidt print (and a flannel on the back - super cozy!)...

And a label of course! Nothing leaves the sewing room without one of these babies...

Have I ever told you that I glue my binding? And then I machine sew it on - works like a charm. It's a great trick - have you tried it?!

Take care all! Linking up with 'Finish it up Friday' at Crazy Mom Quilts.



  1. Love this. Especially how some of the plain blocks have tiny corner.

  2. So cute! I'be been thinking of ordering labels. Where did you get yours?

  3. No I have never heard of gluing the binding.....what an excellent idea. This quilt is filled with whimsy and evokes a feeling of freshness and sweetness. 'Tis gorgeous, Lisa. Oh and yes, you must, must purchase some more of that lovely strawberry fabric!

  4. I love this quilt. I think 9 patches are one of my favorite blocks and the polka dot fabric is so fun! I just bought the fine line quilt glue tip and haven't finished a quilt to use it on a binding but can't wait to try! I really need to order labels! Hope your quilt raises lots of money!

  5. I've done the glue thing, but I'm a mess! I'll stick with lots of pressing and wonder clips. This quilt is absolutely darling, and I LOVE your photography skills. Beautiful job, and I hope it does well at the auction.

  6. Wonderful quilt. Nine patches are so interesting to work with.

  7. What a pretty quilt! And such a wonderful cause it's going to support.

  8. This is so pretty Lisa. Amazing what scraps can become! The strawberries...yes, more strawberries :) I have never heard of gluing the binding! Great finish and Happy New Year!

  9. So beautiful Lisa! I love the layout you chose for the nine patches blocks. Your quilts are always amazing.
    Happy New Year!

  10. What a beautiful quilt! I'm sure it will raise some nice support for the cause!

  11. A lovely finish Lisa. I've never even thought of gluing a binding. I guess if you're planning to machine stitch both sides it would hold it securely for easier stitching.

  12. This quilt is beautiful! The blocks with tiny corners are a lovely idea and I really like the effect the background fabric for the nine patches gives.


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