Sunday, January 27, 2013

Slicing it Up

I started another project from  'Modern Patchwork' awhile back and then put it aside when the holiday season got busy.

I took my partially finished blocks to the local fabric shop to find some fabrics to frame and sash them. These 2 greys spoke to me in a big way.  I just love the circles in the dark and the woodgrain in the lighter one.

The blocks that I am working on are fun. You sew in a strip and then slice your block n a new direction and sew in another strip. Quite unnerving at first - to cut up your work- but definitely fun when you sew in the next colour strip and see how it has changed your block. In the end you end up with a weave affect. My last strip was the dark, which I added to tie in with the background, but now that I see it in picture, it's striking me as to dark. Hmmm, may have to re-think - possibly a strip of the light?

My block, framed by the new fabrics.
Definitely more fabric play needed here! Will have to think on this. Hope each of you has a wonderful week. Linking up with Plum and June - Let's get Acquainted Monday Link up.



  1. Beautiful fabrics, I really like the faux bois one. Your block looks super fun I think it is going to make a gorgeous quilt.
    I have been tempted to buy that book (I have a terrible book addiction) how do you like it?

  2. I love this book! I have already made one quilt from it (Roller Rink) and I am working on a quilt of her house blocks. I think this might be my one of my favorite books and I have a terrible book addiction too!