Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Butterfly Bag

I have been wanting to make a small 'carry all' bag, every since I saw this post by Elizabeth of 'Don't Call me Betsy'. Aren't they amazing??? 

I searched around and decided to purchase this pattern by ELizabeth Hartman and decided to try Bag C (which I think looks very similar, don't you??!!) and also includes a few other styles which I just may have to try out as well...for starters I am going these fabrics...

I started with the Butterfly (Field Study-Anna Maria Horner) - isn't he gorgeous?! And then just allowed fabrics to choose me from there. The blue vintage sheet in the top left corner insists on being the lining fabric - I'm going with sense fighting the fabric, it always wins anyways.

After a few trips back to the original post by Elizabeth, pining after her bags, I decided to join the her 'Perfect Stars' Block of the Month Club. I am totally stoked!


I have been madly in love with stars of late and deseperately wanting to learn paper piecing so - VOILA - it totally makes sense for me to jump right in and be a part of this awesome party! Party officially starts January 1 (though we did get a bonus 'practice' block today) and I have yet to go get my fabrics! I have started to dream about how they might look...but we all know how that goes...I am sure once I have a discussion with the fabrics it will look NOTHING like my original vision!!!

Off to sew my very first bag - will let you know how I do!



  1. Gorgeous fabrics Lisa. The Lucky Stars party sounds like a lot of fun. I think I'm going to join in.

  2. I am doing the Lucky Stars BOM too! I already made my practice block, because I am so excited. I was scared to try and plan my whole star quilt, it gets really intimidating for me to think that far ahead... so I think I am going to go scrappy. Your bag fabrics look great!