Monday, October 22, 2012

Keep on Keeping on...

 Been plugging away at this...

And enjoying EVERY minute of the process. Much fun taking place in the sewing room.

Been doing a lot of this...

And making a lot of these...

Who knew you could spend so much time moving ovals around?!!! 
What have you been up to? Have you had some productive time in the sewing room?

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Happy Sewing!



  1. Those ovals are so cute Lisa. Are you going to aplique them to the background or are you sewing curves?

  2. Your ovals look great. I have never tried them before but may have to. Excellent job!

  3. very interesting pattern! are those appliquéd on, or are they curved seams? Either way, looking good!

  4. Very cool. I really like the ovals, happy hour indeed.

  5. Really different and interesting pattern:)

  6. You chose lovely fabrics for this pattern.