Friday, June 21, 2013

A Wee Gift...

Can you guess what I am making??? Those colours sure seem familiar...hmmm...

Here I will do the last bit of rotary cutting and maybe that will help...

Aha Pencils!!!!

And even better...PENCIL pencil cases. Hee hee!!! Inspired by this adorable one I saw by Amy at Badskirt last night while blog reading. I loved it so much, I pulled the fabrics before I went to bed and sewed them directly after I dropped off the wee man at school this morning. Noooo, I am not obsessed with them. Ok, maybe a little (big) bit.

One is for keeps and the other one is filled with sewing notions and chocolate and being sent off to a sweet bloggy friend who did something awfully nice for me. It's a tiny thank you for a kind gesture.

If you would like to make one too, you can find the tutorial here at Gwenny Penny.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PB and J - a New Adventure

I work with a woman who is just amazing. And to thank her for sharing her amazingness with me and the kids (I am a teacher) each and every day that we work together, I want to make her a (surprise, surprise!!!) quilt, of course!!!

What better fabric than a little PB and J?!!! Exactly - just perfect, I thought so too. You has the alphabet, which is soooo fitting for what we do (we work with little people). But it is not kids only fabric - it has grown up elements too, like its lovely flowers and patchwork and really great colours (love the denim blue). So I chopped up a pile (and added a few from stash)...

Did some chain piecing...

And ended up with a log cabin-ish type of block. I just went with colours and proportions that looked good to my eye.

Now I have this vision for a scrappy, tone on tone, herringbone sashing of sorts. Not sure how I am going to make this happen yet - going to sleep on it.

What are you working on lately? Hope it's making you smile like these did for me today - this was some much needed sewing time - always relaxes the soul.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Black and White and Red all Over

What is black and white and red all over??? (Or should I say 'read' all over). The newspaper! Hahaha - this is the first joke I remember telling and actually 'GETTING' as a child!

Hello pretty 

And on to other news...

Yay me!!! The K Quilt is complete - isn't that just the best feeling??!!! I began this quilt in February. It is for a friend's birthday at the end of this month. I have previously shared my creative process here and a progress report about this quilt here. This quilt makes me happy (I seriously CANNOT stop touching it) because I have learned so much from it.

Favourite block

This quilt has taught me more about myself as a quilter than any other quilt!
Here are some of the things I have learned while making this quilt:

1. That I can push my creative process until I am in love with what I see, I really need to FEEL what I see on my design wall.

2. That the *CLICK* will come - I will eventually create a design that speaks to me. 

These first two points are really important for me - I noticed that as I went through the design process on this quilt and then the next quilt I designed (this is new for me, as I have always followed patterns before) each time there was a period of fret and worry like - 'OMGOODNESS I have ruined all this fabric and don't like what I see' - and when I continue and really challenge myself, I have been able to realize a design that I truly love.

3. That the following quote (that I discovered while trying to sew very precise seams on this quilt) gives me confidence as a quilter - "It does not have to be correct the first time you sew it, only the last time" (Sally Collins). RIGHT??!!! So true! Hello seam ripper! 

And even better - for some reason this quote makes me feel less frustrated (as in 'OMG I made a mistake') when I am changing a seam and more like - I am choosing to improve upon my quilt. Which I see as a good thing!

4. How to fix skipped stitches - thank you so much for the suggestions ladies - your help really did help!

5. That I have finally perfected my 'Perfect for Me' binding. I am super duper happy about this. I have been documenting my binding technique on paper for quite a few quilts now. When I liked how a certain aspect of my binding turned out, I make a note of it and when I didn't like the way something turned out, I made a note of what to try next time. I was really searching for a way to make my binding look pretty to me each and every time - I wanted a PREDICTABLE sequence, so that I can follow the steps and get the same results for every quilt. Very demanding, I know haha!

I say 'perfect for me' binding because I had a very specific set of criteria - I like a skinny binding (2.25 in strips) and I really do like the look of machine sewn binding AND true to my 'organized, everything must be the same' kind of self - I wanted BOTH sides of the binding to be sewn so it looks the same. Phew! I did take pics of my process and have my notes - tutorial to come!!! My first!!!

So not only is this quilt for a special to me friend - it is also a very special to me quilt, for teaching me so much about the art that I love. Kind of fitting I think!!!

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Friday, June 7, 2013


Aaaahhhhhh...the sweet, sweet sound of progress. Back at the K quilt.

Though, I have been having some troubles with skipped stitches. It's a first for me. I have fiddled and I have faddled and the skips will go away for awhile and then reappear. Have you had this problem? Any suggestions? A magical cure? Please share your spell! I would love some help.

Happy weekend all.